Agiliate tailors the workplace to fit your needs

Our digital toolkit can optimize performance of organizations and workspaces using network analysis and parametric space planning.

Define and predict future workplace scenarios

With Agiliate, collaboration data is matched with the physical workplace. Organizations can monitor and assess potential outcomes of re-location, re-organization or re-construction, prior to decision making.











A holistic approach to the new work arena

Wondering how to plan to return to work? Agiliate measures how organizations interact across your entire work arena – whether it’s the formal headquarters, a subsidiary, work from home, or an outsourced co-working location.

Desk Occupancy

Desk occupancy was <50% prior to 2020, and is dropping further.

office utilization

Employees prefer to come to the office for collaboration and to socialize.


Employees prefer a hybrid work week of 1 to 3 working days in the office.


≈ 50% of office tenants in the Nordics expect to use fewer m2 per employee.

Reimagine the workplace using Agiliate

Step 1:
digital survey

Our process is based on objective data. Using our digital survey, Agiliate detects when coworkers interact with the workplace, and how they prefer to work. The survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Step 2:
organizational network analysis

The collected data is processed by AI-analytics in search for patterns that display how your organization actually works – how it collaborates, and how well it is integrated across departments.

Step 3:
area category distribution

Parametric space planning plots the utilization of total office space, distributed across key area categories. The data gathered is compiled as a benchmark to compare how your organization relates to other industry standards or office locations.

Step 4:
workspace setup

Area categories are refined to feature the optimal composition of room types for the workspace, shown with m2 ratios, and tailored to your way of working. Potential surplus areas are identified and highlighted (marked in red on the dashboard).

Agiliate vs. conventional user insights

The Agiliate way

The old way

Space planning by organizational science

Space planning by organizational science

Agiliate is developed in by LINK Arkitektur, one of the leading architectural practices in the Nordics, and by JOIN21, the emerging network tech company, renowned for organizational expertise.

Our ground-breaking software service started as a R&D project in 2019, with a mission to improve architectural space planning, based on digital insights of how organizations objectively work. We’re triggered by facts – not fixed ideas.

Agiliate has since been applied to several case studies in partnership with clients.

Who should use Agiliate?
  1. Organizations undergoing change and re-organization.
  2. Office tenants on the move, considering relocation.
  3. Owners of office buildings who want to front-run the needs of tenants.
  1. Developers of business clusters seeking the optimal match between tenants.
  2. Advisors of commercial real estate, brokers, technical consultants, and other architects.

Tested & approved


Agiliate is being used by LINK Arkitektur to reprogram our head office in central Oslo, and to increase collaboration across departments in a complex and historical office building.

Results: a new set of workplace typologies, flexible workstations with more choices for users. Increased innovation potential with more opportunities for encounters across disciplines.


During the 2020 work from home transition, Agiliate was used to reorganize the head office of Norsk Tipping in Hamar, housing some 430 employees and 19000 m2 of office space.

Results: implementation of the “modern agile” workplace strategy across the organization, where coworkers repeatedly interchange from departments to development teams and support groups.

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